About audioireland.ie - Wireless and Bluetooth Headphones & Earphones

There is a huge amount of choice when it come to the world of Bluetooth headphones today and it can be extremely overwhelming for consumers when it comes to what is the right headphones or earphones for them. In the last few years Bluetooth and wireless headphones and earphones have become hugely popular with almost everyone owning a pair whether it be for the gym, on the way to work or any other need.

audioireland.ie are Ireland’s only dedicated Bluetooth products website and because of this we know the industry extremely well and what is good value and what is not. We have extensive connections with agents and manufacturers in Asia so we can get big discounts when buying in bulk directly from these agents and not have to buy off middle men in Europe which bump up the prices on these products. Our prices will not be beaten and although there is a lot of competition in this field we have yet to find a competitor that will match our prices as well as giving next day delivery in Ireland.

We have selected the best range in wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones, wireless earbuds, over ear headphones and noise cancelling headphones as well as a great range of Bluetooth speakers.

All of our wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones are premium quality. We have selected what we have found to be the best quality headphones in their respective price ranges and we purchase from up and coming brands that may not be as well known yet but their quality and sound are as good as the bigger brands (if not better) and they are a lot more affordable especially as we have mentioned that we get discounts for buying in bulk so we can pass these savings on to you the consumer.

Things to look for when buying wireless Bluetooth headphones & earphones:

Sound quality:

This is going to be a priority for obvious reasons. As we here at bluetoothheadphones.ie are big into music all of our headphones have been tested extensively and one of things we look for is an epic bass sound. In particular the Bluedio headphones use vector technology to deliver and really crisp high end sound with thumping bass!

Over ear headphones:

These headphones have come back into fashion over the last few years and the bluedio range we offer are extremely high quality with amazing sound. This type of headphones features earcups and earpads large enough to completely fit around ears, thus providing an excellent comfort for extra-long listening sessions. Our range of over ear phones are stylish and available in many colours as well as having alloy metals for a premium feel.

In ear earphones:

These are great for a low profile look whilst still retaining a premium sound. Very popular with gym goers, joggers or any other exercise. Our wireless earphones are waterproof and sweat proof and the ones available in our store are top quality at a very affordable price.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise cancelling headphones give amazing sound quality and block out unwanted background noise. We have a range of active noise cancelling headphones which means that they actively block unwanted noise by raising certain frequencies in the headphones and lowering others to block out any noise. These are great for people who use public transport a lot as they block our bus, train and even plane background noise and let you enjoy your music in peace.